Welcome to all the Pieces of Me, Cee! 


I am a fashion, beauty & lifestyle content creator and #SHEEO. Through my digital content, I share all of the pieces of me, Cee! My personal style, beauty hacks, and all of my guilty pleasures.   I currently reside in Baltimore, Maryland following the completion of undergraduate studies at

Morgan State University.


I believe when building a brand the colors that you choose are very important. The colors and aesthetic of your brand is the very first impression your audience has of you, so why navy blue, blush pink and white? Navy blue represents my hard exterior; while blush pink embodies my delicate core as white aides as an invitation to ensure you that I come to you with a pure heart as this is a safe space.

I am passionate about exploring creativity, self-expression, and entrepreneurship. So as I take you on this journey of self and creative growth I aspire to inspire all of my #BrownBoujeeBossBabes to be a Goal Getter and truly strive for all of the things they told you wouldn't be possible. 


Yours Truly, 



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For business and collaboration inquiries please email inpowermgmt@gmail.com