About Me

Welcome to all the Pieces of Me, Cee! 


I am a style influencer and the creator of Pieces of Cee, a Lifestyle blog about all of the pieces of me, Cee! My personal style, beauty hacks, and all of my guilty pleasures.   I currently reside in Baltimore, Maryland following the completion of undergraduate studies at Morgan State University.


I am also the co-founder of a beauty brand, Catch the Beat Cosmetics where we strive to slay our clients with flawless makeup looks while building their self-confidence as we recognize the importance of self-love!


Why navy blue, blush pink and white? Navy blue represents my hard exterior; while blush pink embodies my delicate core as the pure white brings it all together. Through this blog, I aspire to inspire you to grow and glow one post at a time. 


Yours Truly, 


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For business and collaboration enquiries please email inpowermgmt@gmail.com