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Let’s Chat! This Column will allow all of my subscribers to anonymously submit and get my take on hot topics, fashion, relationships and everything in between.


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 24 Things You Should Know about Cee!


  1. My middle name is Genise which is my mother’s first name. She was named after her mother and grandmother. Denise + Genora = Genise … Ciara Genise.

  2. I’ve never had a pet…but I have siblings so that’s close enough.

  3. My favorite childhood memory would have to be the countless amounts of hours I forced my grandparents to sit in Barbie store while I caught up on all the hot topics and fashion in the world of Barbie.

  4.  I have over 50 Babysitter’s Club Books that I plan to pass down to my future daughter.

  5. My Favorite color is and will always be PINK.

  6. I snore like a 500 pound man…

  7. I make extensive playlist in my spare time.

  8. I only own socks with holes in it & I refuse to let them go.

  9. I’m somewhat of a clothing hoarder…you never know when things will come back in style J

  10. I’m obsessed with TV & Pop Culture (Mainly 1970-1990s Pop Culture).

  11. I love graffiti/ street art.

  12. My coffee addiction started with my 7th grade teacher bringing me Starbucks every other day…I’ve kicked that addition and converted to tea.

  13. In 9th grade I was attacked by a black cat on Friday the 13th.

  14. I attended high school for 3 long years and immediately started my matriculation at the Illustrious Morgan State University.

  15. Turkey Hill’s Double Dunker is the best ice cream of all time.

  16. I never pay for anything full price...if there’s a coupon for it I WILL find it!

  17.  Martin Lawrence : You So Crazy , Eddie Murphy : Raw & Delirious, Chris Rock : Bring the Pain and Katt Williams : Pimp Chronicles Pt1  are my top 5 stand up specials !

  18. My Top 5 Boy bands are New Edition, Jodeci, Jagged Edge, B2k and Pretty Ricky… In that order.

  19. Marc Jacobs Daisy & Burberry Brit are my two favorite perfumes.

  20. I despise red wine but I love white wine…the sweeter the better!

  21. I’m secretly a hopeless romantic

  22. I believe in having a “Golden Birthday” and I’ve been counting down the years until I’m 28 on the 28th.

  23. If my house was on fire and I had less than 5 minutes to grab everything I couldn’t live without I would pack all of my electronics (laptop , camera & phone) , a makeup bag, my wigs , and my favorite blanket…yes I can do all of that in 5 minutes!

  24. I will make FETCH happen! 

askCee Column 

Q: What’s your staple article of clothing that you can wear with anything or you tend to wear a lot?

A: I have so many different vibes (looks) so it's very hard for me to pick just one :( ! If i had to pick a staple item it would more so be in the accessories category.  My outfits aren't complete without a nice clutch & a pair of sunglasses.  

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