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Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 

Align Your Passion With Your Purpose! 

 Knowing your purpose makes it impossible to just exist in this world. When you self reflect and figure out what your purpose is you will develop a reason behind every action to further the things you are passionate about. Bringing the things you are passionate about to the forefront of your mind will make you truly feel fulfilled.

In my 25th birthday post on Instagram (@piecesof.cee) I shared a story about how I recently found an autobiography that I wrote at 11 years old entitled “My Life … So far”. As I skimmed through this 17 page autobiography I came across pages 14 and 15 entitled “My Dreams”. As a child my dreams were to become a cosmetologist and a clothing designer, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing people transform into the best versions of themselves. As I grew older my love and passion for makeup and fashion grew with me, however unfortunately the dreams of becoming a clothing designer begin to fade. I really begin doubting myself and my dreams. Can I do this? Will people care about what I have to offer? Will people understand my vision? All of these doubts really drove me away from pursuing what I truly loved.


In my opinion there are two main things that discourages people from becoming entrepreneurs, courage and finances. There have been many times where I’ve discouraged myself from sharing my vision because I was scared to receive feedback from the world. I was not sure if people would truly understand my vision or think that what I found amazing was in fact amazing. Going into this next chapter of my life I have decided to simply believe in myself and my vision, regardless of anyone’s judgment. Now that I’ve gotten past the first step of deciding to become an entrepreneur, that leaves me with getting my finances in order. Becoming an entrepreneur comes with a great deal of sacrifice. I have made a conscience effort to put my all into my brand, and it definitely has not been easy. As I decided to full commit to launching my brand I had to strategically plan my finances and how I would execute my vision while maintaining my lifestyle.


 Launching a legitimate online store requires a lot of different recourse and some of the resources or services I need were not in my budget, leading me to learn to do so many things on my own. I truly believe the best way to be successful is to truly put your all into it. Through this process I have developed many different skills based on my lack of resources. Visuals are definitely a key thing that will aid your online brand to thrive and due to this I have developed an eye for product shooting and marketing. I began to find joy in creating my own graphic designs and coming up with different strategies to share my brand. Being forced to develop these skills to further my brand has also aided me in generating revenue to put back into my brand.


Build Your Squad ! 

I am super grateful to have a group of amazing friends and family members that support my vision, but for most people as crazy as it sounds, the people who support you the most WON’T be the people that are close to you. Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your vision and that is OK! Use that to push yourself to strive for higher heights, your light will shine regardless!


 Over the past couple of months I’ve began to really start to put myself out there and network. Networking has brought me so many amazing opportunities and blessings that I would never think would come my way. I have been able to meet so many entrepreneurs on the same journey as me, which has been very comforting l. I truly believe that there is a space for everyone to succeed and if we (especially people of color) lifted each other up we could do amazing things.


Every Wednesday Brown Boujee Boss Babe will be a segment on my Instagram story (@piecesof.cee) dedicated to showcasing womenpreneurs and creators of color. My Brown Boujee Boss Babe segment will allow women of color to digitally network and gain a little more visibility. In order to be the Brown Boujee Boss Babe of the week DM me to nominate your favorite creator or womenpreneur of color, Simple! Yes…you can nominate yourself. 

It has officially been 385 days since the launch of the Pieces of Cee blog! I truly appreciate all of you, thank you for being on this journey and growing with me.In my Chapter XXIV blog post I shared with you the basic things that I’ve learned and reflected on leading up to the next chapter of my life.

One Year of POC ...What's Next? 

"The year twenty- three taught me some basic life things that we all know but somewhere along the way we choose not to apply. Love yourself first, what is for you will be for you and last but not least …you don’t have to have the answer.  Pretty basic stuff right? Right! Applying those very simple but very complex things this past year has really helped me set the foundation for how I wanted to spend the rest of my life." 


"Going into Chapter XXIV I am ready to take risk. I am no longer afraid of the unknown, I genuinely embrace it. Not only am I embracing the unknown but embracing the many facets I possess which is what inspired me to create this blog. I've spent a lot of time cultivating my makeup artistry which gave me the confidence to want to display my passion for fashion."


As you can see self refection is super important for me and my personal growth. We are constantly growing and getting to know ourselves, embrace the journey! While I’m growing and glowing through this thing called life I believe sharing your life lessons and progress is important. Although I’ve always been a really private person, I’ve began opening up about my creative journey and the feedback that I have received has been amazing! There are so many young people who are in the same space as me and it is very comforting to have a network of people to turn to.  


Throughout this past year Pieces of Cee has grown and gone through a couple changes. I’ve decided to switch up the direction of the blog… in a major way! Turning Pieces of Cee into an overall Lifestyle Blog has been a perfect way for me to connect with my subscribers and keep you informed of all things Cee! In the future you can expect a variety of new and improved beauty post, Look books, life hacks and Wedding planning!

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