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Hiiii! It’s me…Cee I know it’s been a while since my last post/ update but here I am so let’s get into some things!



It has officially been 6 months since we adopted Dash and he really has become a part of the family. Being doggy parents definitely is not easy but I really do enjoy having a furry son. Dash is very loving and super hyper active! Although it did not take very long for him to get acquainted to us and our home, over the past couple of months he has really improved in regards to his behavior and how he interacts with other animals as well as humans. In my opinion, a lot of his behavioral improvements would be because we decided to get him neutered as well as all the love and attention we give him. Much like a toddler, Dash really strives off of positive reinforcements and praise so we use that to our advantage.  




 My management team, iNPower Management & Entertainment (@beinpowered) kicked off the year with an event series titled “ Making The Brand” to encourage entrepreneurs in the DMV area to grow and collaborate ! It is always great to be around like minded and goal orientated people to keep your goals and dreams alive. This month’s event will be held this Saturday, February 23rd. If you are an entrepreneur or interested in furthering your career in the arts I encourage you to bring a friend and come out to network. 


This year my goal is to really focus on building my brand and exploring different talents that I posses. In my creative calendar I have written down tons of ideas for beauty shoots as well as fashion and editorial photo shoots. During next month’s iNPower event I will be launching something that I have been working on since 2018, so stay tuned for more details!

I GOTEngaged ! 

Over the years we have had several hypothetical marriage talks so I had no idea what to expect as far as when and how he would choose pop the question. I think it’s important for a man to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage in their own time and in their own way, with that being said me saying I was surprised is an understatement!  I was truly sooo thrown off when I realized that Matt was down on one knee I completely blacked out! Let me paint the picture for you, imagine being in a tube floating between 10- 20 feet in  the air as 120 mph winds are blowing at you! Then suddenly you see a bunch of your family and friends as your boyfriend is on one knee. A ton of uncontrollable emotion came over my body. I didn’t have any words all I could say was “is this real!?”

Being engaged didn’t truly hit me until I started saying “fiancé” out loud. Although I didn’t think the feeling of being engaged would be different feel based on the type of relationship we have grown into, but I have to say, being engaged actually does feel different. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain so bare with me (lol). Even though I knew my now fiancé loved me now it’s like OH YOU LOVE ME LOVE ME…Like you want to do this FOREVER FOREVER. We’ve been together since we were 19 years old; to think about our individual growth as well as the growth within our relationship it is really a beautiful thing.


The downpour of love and support from everyone has been overwhelming, but it has been greatly appreciated. As much love and support we received… we’ve received double the amount of questions! Planning our wedding will be an exciting experience so I hope you all are ready for the ride.  

Until next time …

Yours Truly,


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He was born on September 4th , 2017

SNORKIE = Yorkie + Miniature Schnauzer

He is Currently 12 Pounds & 12 Inches Long

Cuddling and Sleeping are his Favorite past times

He loves Pupperonies !


How will your furry friend fit into your lifestyle?

Aside from factoring in the cost of a new addition to my household I had to thinks about how this addition would affect my day to day life before I accepted the offer to adopt Dash.


Being that I work a 9-5 job during the week He would have to be crate trained until he can be trusted to be left at home, and let me tell you… leaving him every morning is the saddest thing! I’ve never seen a dog so sad and cry so loud in my whole life. Aside from separation anxiety every morning, my work schedule actually made it easier to develop a daily routine. Before I get ready for work every morning we go out for a walk and when I come back he sits and watches me do my makeup… he just stares at me in utter confusion every single morning. Around 1 O’clock my boyfriend comes home to release Dash from his crate to stretch and play for about an hour and when I get home every evening we play and catch up on TV.


What’s Your Budget?

I’ve wanted a Yorkie for as long as I could remember, but growing up I could never convince my parents to get one. My pet buying experience was a lot different from your average pet owner, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to adopt my pup from another family who couldn’t take care of him.


When the opportunity for adoption fell in my lap the first thing I thought about was the pet’s health and how much it would cost to upkeep his health. To my non-pet owners, did you know pets have pet insurance!? I definitely didn’t. After doing a little bit of research and consulting my fellow pet owners I discovered that Banfield Pet Hospital (located in PetSmart) would be the most convenient for me. Banfield offers three inexpensive heath care plans for you to choose from ranging between $33 - $53 a month to fit your pet’s needs.


In addition to looking into pet insurance, before you purchase or adopt your furry friend you should make a check list of the things you need to purchase in order to accommodate your pet. My initial check list consisted of the following:

  • A Crate

  • Food (read the ingredients to determine if this food would be best for your pet)

  • Bed/ oversized pillow

  • Food/ water bowls

  • Dog Grooming Supplies (2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner’s that contain oatmeal & a brush)

  • Leash & Harness (walking your pup with a harness is more secure than attaching the leash to their collar)

Having a 1-year-old puppy is pretty much like having a toddler, they require a lot of attention, love and a TON of PATIENCE! Fortunately, enough for us Dash was already potty trained when we adopted him, but there are a couple of behavioral things that we have been working with him on. Being that he is a dog that strives off of praise, affection, and food we have been able to reverse some of his bad habits through those three things… especially food. Getting dash acclimated with our home took us no time! He became super comfortable with us very quickly, due to all of the love and attention that surrounded him. His previous owners weren’t dog lovers so they did not give him that love and affection he longed for. As a result of his lack of human connections I believe he suffers from severe separation anxiety. As time goes by we will continue to give him lots of love and reassure him that he is in a safe place.



Until next time …

Yours Truly,


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