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Better late than never right!? A month ago Cardi B’s highly anticipated collection with Fashion Nova dropped. Along with millions of other people, I was up into the wee hours of the night trying to add things to my cart! Although I was only able to grab four items I was impressed with the collection over all.

Cardi and Fashion Nova have been supporting each other since the very start of her career so there was no surprise when the collection was announced. Many people were skeptical of what this collection would consist of, would it be “typical Fashion Nova wholesale items” or would the collection actually be created and cultivated through the eyes of our superstar. Once the launch of the collection grew closer Cardi let us know that she was involved in picking out the fabric as well as all of the designs, which let us know this collection was not going to be like anything we’ve seen from Fashion Nova…Her collection embodied things that were trendy but yet so fresh and new. You can tell that her taste in fashion is highly influenced by the 80’s as well as her New York roots. In an interview Elle magazine Cardi explained that it was very important for all of the girl who support her who can’t afford to wear designer clothes like Chanel, Versace or Dolce & Gabbana to feel like they are wearing it while rocking her collection and she defiantly did that.

Although I wish I could've gotten my hands on more pieces from this collection, I can honestly say I was not disappointed with the pieces that I purchased.


Hard to read bodysuit ($17.99)

A long sleeve bodysuit with a plunging neckline, snap closure, and a thong bottom. It’s 95% Rayon 5% Spandex.


OKURR top ($37.00)

This button up is a color block faux suede top. This long sleeve shirt can be worn as a top or a dress depending on the size you purchased & you style it.


Hard to ready bodysuit ($17.99)

Emotional Gangster Trousers ($39.99) faux leather, high waist, & wide legged. These trousers are 63% Polyurethane 37% Cotton.


Pretty and Plaid dress ($49.99)

This dress is NON-STRETCH! a collar, a belt, and a button down front.

63% Polyester 35%Viscose 2%Spandex

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