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I'mma let all y'all other patterns finish...but plaid is the best pattern of all time *In my best Kanye West Voice* . Plaid can make any outfit look super hip & chic!

Little Trendy Cee!

Although "Clueless" made its debut twenty-three years ago Cher and Dionne's classic 90s vibe has continued to inspire me and many other style connoisseurs. Superstar designers such as Michael Kors, Nicopanda and Versace brought that irresistible "Clueless" flare to the runway as they displayed their Fall 2018 collections.

Any plaid piece in your collection will be able to transfer through many fashion time periods. My sense of style frequently changes based on my mood, but every plaid piece in my collection seems to not only translate to each mood it compliment majority of the looks I put together.

This perfect pattern can literally be pulled off so many different mothers... grandmothers and errbody in between. #OKKURRT ! Which is reason 8,000,0000,000 I'm obsessed. Our beloved pattern is versatile and can be classified as the easiest to style amongst men and women.

In this look a Classic Red Plaid zip up jacket was paired with a form fitting bodycon dress, fishnet tights and black perplex booties to achieve a chic but grungy look. The plaid zip up jacket ties at the waist and is detailed with ruffle sleeves. Being that it was made from 100% cotton the jacket will provide some warmth but it doesn’t feel heavy. This versatile statement jacket stops a little above the knee it can also be styled and worn as a dress!

I decided to style this off the shoulder crop with a sleek pair of high waist black pants making such a casual crop top look stylish. The bell sleeves on this crop top adds some sass, making a potential casual top appropriate for a date night... giving that I’m fashionable and I didn’t even have to try vibe. Depending on the type of fabric that is used to produce an off the shoulder shirt, it can make the shirt somewhat annoying to wear for an extend amount of time which is why the band lining the instead of the top helps to eliminate a ton of pulling up and adjusting throughout your wear. Personally my outfit isn’t complete without a nice clutch! This white foldable clutch helped bring out the white details in the plaid shirt that’s over looked due to the vibrant blue.

This oversized flannel has been my go to for so many different outfits for years! In this particular look I casually styled my oversized flannel with a snug pair of high waited distressed jeans by simply double knotting the ends of the flannel! Sometimes less is really more.

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