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Shop Your Closet !

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? You’re not alone…I am 100% guilty! "What am I going to wear? I have nothing to in my closet "! Are the two thoughts that echo in my head whenever I make plans. It’s easy to feel like you have a bunch of nothing to wear when you’re constantly looking at the same thing…it gets very boring and uninspiring. The best thing about getting ready is being creative and turning nothing into something and it is very difficult to be creative when you’re not inspired. If you struggle with the my closet is so empty but yet so full syndrome here are five tips that help me maneuver through my wardrobe.

Switch Up Your View

When the seasons change your closet should too! Seeing the same stuff in your closet gets so boring…and although you’re not really putting new stuff in your closet it feels like you are when you swap out your light jackets for coats and furs or midi dresses for maxi or sweater dresses. Digging through your storage bins and pulling out pieces that you forgot about will get your creative gears going and suddenly you start to think about all the different ways you could wear one item. In addition to swapping items out through the seasons you can keep some things out to mix and match or even layer. Whenever I start putting my summer clothes away I typically keep out some shirts that would look nice under a jacket or a skirt that might look bomb with some thigh high boots.

Stay Organized

Keeping your closet organized will help you decipher what you really have. I personally like to group my clothes…the pants with the pants, the jackets with jackets, shirts with shirts etc. In addition to grouping the type I like to group based on the occasion.  All of my business professional clothes are typically in the front of my closet being as though that’s what I wear on the day to day. Combing storage units like decorative boxes, cubbies, shelves and plastic drawers will definitely help your closet stay organized as well as stylish!  

Shop Your Man’s Closet

Sometimes I find some of my best outfits in the men’s section! But since we’re talking about shopping your closet dig in your boyfriend, husband, brother or father’s closet to find some hidden treasures. My favorite finds have been jackets, hoodies & button up shirts… mainly because tops are super easy to mix and match ! If you’re a small and your boyfriend is a medium or a large tops and outer wear are easy to tailor and size however you desire.

Pick Out Your Shoes First

When I don't know what to wear but I know the vibe I'm going for I always pick out my footwear first. Any outfit can be made versatile simply by switching up the shoes you decide to wear. You can throw on a old pair of distressed jeans, T-Shirt & Your boyfriend's bomber jacket with a pair of heels and look BOMB! or you could throw on a pair of sneakers to be cute & casual.

When You Shop...Shop for pieces  

Before purchasing an entire outfit purchases 1 new piece to add to your collection and build your outfits off that. Simple!

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