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Shop Your Man's Closet!

For all my girls who struggle with the my closet is so empty but yet so full syndrome , I figured it was only befitting of me to give you guys a follow up post! One out of the five tips that I encouraged you guys to follow before you spent any unnecessary coins was to “Shop Your Man’s Closet”! Boyfriends, fiancés, husbands and brothers I apologize in advance… sharing is caring right!?

My favorite thing about doing my makeup or picking out an outfit is being able to be as creative as I want. Exploring the men’s section or my man’s closet to find those hidden gems naturally makes my creative sense tingle, mainly because there are tons of pieces to mix and match ! Tops and outer wear are supper easy to mix n match, tailor and size however you desire. It’s no secret that the oversized shirts, hoodies, and jackets are really trendy, use this to your advantage and have fun!

When exploring your man’s closet for the first time don’t think of the clothes as being “for men” that can easily cloud your judgment, leaving you uninspired. Go into it feeling as if you’re back in college going through your roommate’s closet! There are two simple rules I have when shopping some else’s closet. Number ONE, do not attempt to wear something they’ve never worn! Do you know how annoying it is to see someone with your clothes on … and they didn’t ask!? TWO, simply ask for permission to rummage through their closet, if they say yes then you’re good to go!

Look One:

Top: Nude Bodysuit | Bottoms: Camo Joggers -His Closet |Shoes: Red Pumps |  Accessories Red Sunglasses & LV Wallet

Look Two:

Top: Multi-print Button up – His Closet | Bottoms: High Waist Trousers |Shoes: Nude Peep toe Thigh High Boots | Accessories: Gold layered pendent necklace & LV Wallet

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