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I. Background of Aspire to Inspire Segments

Although creating content is super fun and therapeutic for me, ultimately I aspire to inspire my audience through my content. Inspire people to chase their dreams and goals in spite of their circumstances. Although I am not the most well known influencer or content creator I’ve been able to really track my personal and professional growth over the past two years as I strive to achieve a higher level of success. I’ve learned so many things along my journey, simply through trial and error. As I grow it is very important to me that I share my knowledge with my fellow dreamers and entrepreneurs so that we can all grow together.

In August, I deiced to go forward and start sharing my visual content through YouTube. This journey has been so much fun for me, I’ve been able to hone in on my production and tech skills! Being that I’ve become so focused on creating visual content for YouTube I noticed that the blog has been suffering. Balancing some many different platforms can be difficult and I did not want my tribe to feel as though my content is becoming redundant, so after a little bit of brainstorming I’ve decided that the best way for me to balance creating content for Youtube and the Pieces of Cee blog would be for me to make it work together instead of separately.

Based on my schedule I have committed to releasing a video every Thursday and I will release a blog post once a month. My blog post with typically is surrounded around growing the Pieces of Cee brand. As I share my journey of becoming an entrepreneur, I know the things that I’ve learned along the way will help other people grow their brands.

Before I get into the Segment II, check out Segment I: HOW I BALANCE A 9-5 JOB WHILE BUILDING A BRAND!

II: Importance of having a work space

Regardless of your line of work I strongly believe having a workspace will really make a difference in your productivity which will, in turn, affect your growth! For those of us who are creatives and entrepreneurs, our workspaces should not only be functional but inspiring.

My fiancé and I recently moved into another apartment and before we moved we decided that our second bedroom would no longer be a guest from but our conjoined work space. When I first started producing content my work space was set up in our bedroom, and even though our bedroom is without a doubt big enough to have the additional furniture in it as I started to grow and advance my style of creating I began to feel suffocated in my own bedroom! After a while I started to feel uninspired, I would tell myself “OK, I’ll get out of bed in 20 mins” that 20 minutes would turn into an hour and then an hour would turn into I’ll get to it tomorrow all because I decided to Netflix & Chill! I’m sure it’s a mental thing but having my work space in a different room continues to inspire me to get up and create. When I step into my work space I truly feel like I’m in a completely location.

For me personally a clean and stylish aesthetically pleasing work space inspires me. Aesthetic sounds like a big fancy trendy word but the definition of aesthetic is very simple, pleasing in appearance or attractive which is why an aesthetic can be very subjective. Bright lights, clean white furniture with pops of color intertwined in my decor is the aesthetic of my glam space. I truly believe your work space decor and aesthetic shifts the energy of your environment which affects your mood and productivity, but we should NEVER GO BROKE CREATING OUR DREAM WORK SPACE! My space is constantly evolving and growing, I found that randomly purchasing and collecting decorative pieces to add to my area has been the best way to go about creating the overall vibe or my space. Home Goods, Marshalls, Ross, Tj Maxx & Target are my favorite places to shop for pieces to add to my home.

I truly hope this has inspired you to get up and create the energy and space you need to boost your productivity!

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