Determining the vibe of your vaycay is the first important step to packing. What type of vacationer are you? Before I go away I always scope out the scenery for dope pictures and content so I base my outfits off of that along with the different activities I plan to do. For my most recent trip to Cancun I knew I wanted to spend most of my time in the water so packing several swimsuits was essential. I packed one swimsuit per day and two extra just in case I wasn’t feeling one of my pre-planned swimsuits, this made it easy for me to mix and match pieces, which made me feel like I had options without over packing.


Creating a packing checklist is super helpful, especially when it comes to creating your preplanned vacation wardrobe. Lately, I have been trying to monitor my spending and my terrible habit of purchasing clothes that I literally never wear. When I finally started to organize my vacation slay I sat on my closet floor and pulled out pieces that I’ve never worn or worn once, with doing that I realized that I wouldn’t have to purchase too many outfits or pieces! (Yay me for changing my ways). Utilizing pieces from your closet not only saves you money but sticking with clothes you’re already familiar with could save you a lot of disappointment. You don’t know many times I’ve ordered an outfit for a specific occasion and when the day came I felt stuck because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted because the fit wasn’t right or I  just wasn’t feeling it that day. Vacation is not the best time to blindly experiment with a new look, fabric, or even a color. In this situation blindly experimenting would’ve been me purchasing an outfit and automatically packing it, then once I got to Cancun trying it on and potentially being disappointed and regretful of my purchase. I am a super visual person so once I received the new additions to my vacation wardrobe I tried everything on; when I say everything I mean everything down to the shoes and accessories! This method of packing allowed me to dodge a couple of outfit bullets but more importantly, it made me even more excited for my trip. 


Selecting TWO – THREE color palettes for your vacation is not only aesthetically pleasing but most importantly it will also help you avoid over packing. Most vacation outfits can be converted to day or night looks based on how it is styled. I packed about three pair of sandals, one pair of heels and one pair of sneakers and each pair of footwear could’ve easily been worn with each of my outfits. Although I knew there would be no real need for heels I decided to pack one pair of clear Perspex Heels just in case I wanted to jazz up one of my night looks. Perspex heels are super trendy right now but they literally go with everything, if you don’t have a pair in your shoedrobe I urge you to invest in one, two or maybe even three pair. Having a handful of accessories, whether that is earrings, necklaces, or bags that could be used to style multiple outfits will help your creative juices flow. One accessory has the potential to change the whole vibe of your look which is why it’s essential to have pieces in your closet that can be styled in multiple ways.

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Our first day in town we went to Evviva for brunch! I am a self-proclaimed waffle connoisseur so of course I ordered the Nutella Waffle: A Belgium waffle topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with Nutella and fresh cut strawberries. I also ordered a classic mimosa, made with the perfect blend of freshly squeezed orange juice and champagne… hands down the best mimosa I’ve ever had.



Did you know most of Toronto's shopping malls are underground!? We ended up going to Toronto Eaton Centre Mall & this mall has 235 stores! I honestly didn’t walk through the whole mall. There was way too much ground to cover after a full day of walking around and exploring downtown Toronto. Of course they have a lot of the same stores we have in the states i.e. Zara, H&M, Nordstrom etc. One store that I was beyond googaly eyed over was L’Intervalle! I personally have never heard of L’Intervalle, but they have super dope shoes. I discovered that they have an online store so I will definitely be picking up a couple things !   


Over the years I’ve really developed a love for beautiful architecture and Toronto has some of the most striking buildings I’ve ever seen.  Checkout this city’s breathtaking skyline.


The most exciting thing you can do when visiting a new city is explore! Don’t ever become too cool to do “the corny” tourist thing! Go site seeing and explores things or areas that might not naturally interest you.




Niagara Falls lays between the Canadian and American border…Niagara Falls, Ontario & Niagara Falls, New York. Within Niagara Falls there are three waterfalls, The Horseshoe Fall (the largest) , The American Falls ( second largest) and Bridal Veil Falls (the smallest). The Horseshoe Falls drop about 188 feet and is about 2,600 feet wide. The height of the American Falls varies between 70 and 100 feet, running 1,060 feet wide.


Over 20 million people visit the falls each year! Both sides of the falls have beautiful parks filled with trails to explore and view the waterfalls. We went on Labor Day and there was a festival filled with food trucks and vendors right outside of the park.